Starting University/College – Tips & Advice

[Image from Peneil Enchill | Instagram: peneil_enchill]

1. When to Move In

This can vary depending on each person’s situation (studying in another country) but ideally I would advise freshers to move in 3-5 days before the first day. This can give you time to “settle in”; move-in, unpack and buy any additional home-ware; visit university campus; explore your new town/city.

2. Accommodation

If you’re just starting uni, I would highly advise you to live on campus if you can, as the advantages are numerous. Otherwise, make sure to get an accommodation close to your based campus. I repeat not necessarily your university, but the actual campus that a majority of your classes will be held in (there is a difference). This will make your life so much easier, convenient and will save you money.

3. Pack Light

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard this and won’t be the last, but pack light. Don’t bring everything and anything you own. If there’s an old jumper or skirt you haven’t worn for years, don’t bring them because you definitely won’t wear it. Be critical and only bring things you need, really like or wear often.

4. Shipping you’re Luggage

If you’re going oversea an option you can use to help ship you’re belongings is SendMyBag. They’re a worldwide luggage shipping service that operates at an affordable price. Click here for £5 off you’re first order.

5. Fresher’s Freebies

Starting university is nothing like secondary school – you don’t need to buy pens, folders, notebooks and usb beforehand. Wait until after fresher’s fair, which is usually at the first week. There you will be able to grab tons of university essentials for free, yes for free!

6. Making Friends

Believe it not, it is actually easier to make new friends during the first week of uni. Everyone is in the same position (new, shy and alone) and so is friendlier – utilize this and talk to everyone. Don’t be afraid to go up to random people and start a conversation. On another note, don’t think everyone you meet on your first week will be your friend forever.

7. Spending Money

Please don’t be one of those that spends recklessly as soon as the student grant comes in. No you don’t need to buy takeaway five times a week and get a taxi to class. Budget your money, plan how you will spend until the next payment and save some if you can.

8. Student discount

Now that you’re an uni student you can benefit from the numerous student’s discounts available, so sign up to Unidays – a website/app that gives you access to the best student discount online and in-store. There may also be some student’s discount cards (depending on your location) that you can get if you want (UK- NUS card, Madrid- DMM card)

9. Have Fun

Last but not least university is a time to learn, not just academically, but mentally too. So it’s okay to make mistakes, don’t be too hard on yourself. For a lot of people this is the time when they find themselves, find who they are and their purpose. Focus, work hard but also have fun, in the end everything will surely work out.


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